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    Implement Comprehensive Treatment, Establish Sound Huaxing

    Print  Published Time:2012/10/17 8:10:05

    Octobor 12th,Mr Han,Dean of Zaogoutou Town's People Congress,together with more than 20 people who are in charge of conprehensive managment of village enterprises,led by Dean of Linyi Industrial Zone Mr Ma Yongpan,Mr Xing Gang and Mr Bao Shouli to visit us and study the comprehensive management and construction of  Police Room.Fan Xingtai,Vice Manager of our company,introduced the related conditions.And guide them visiting the Police Room,rules of Monitoring Room,documents management and enterprise culture gallery of  employee domitory.These visitors think highly of us.This visit is also a good inspire for us.We determine to do this better to wait for the acceptance inspection of the leaders of Politics and Law Committee. Also to make great performance to wait for
    the 18th meeting of People's Congress 

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