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    Comprehensive Management Meeting of Lanshan District Held in Our Company

    Print  Published Time:2012/10/12 9:35:48

        On September 20, 2012 LanShan area "grass-roots public security prevention and control system construction TuiJinHui" held in my company. Deputy secretary of the municipal legal committee, deputy secretary of the district party committee HouXian and achieves XinYang, area politics and law committee secretary JiWeiLiang, politics and law committee deputy secretary LiJianQuan, ZongZhiBan LiYuRan director and deputy secretary of the township, ZongZhiBan such as deputy director of more than 20 people attended the on the spot meeting.

        The chairman of the company, van total and office personnel for the reception.

        On the meeting, the leaders visited the supervisory control, security duty room, listen to the van always about the company integrated management work report, especially to my company investment ten thousand yuan more than 60 placed 58 monitoring camera, realize the whole factory area without blind spot covers every night, not less than 6 times of the patrol proposes the praise, for my company comprehensive management office of the standardized management to give the full affirmation.

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